Wanted Campference

September 10-13, 2020

Winter Park Colorado



Jill Holland


Fredericksburg local, Jill Holland is a professional full-time working artist, wife and mother of two. She is also a real estate investor, vacation home manager and the founder of multiple successful art initiatives in her community including The Yellow Door Studio, First Friday Art Walk Fredericksburg and The Fredericksburg Art Guide (and a self-admitted professional plate spinner!).

Holland’s artwork has represented in multiple high-end galleries in key markets like Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Martha’s Vineyard and British Columbia.  She has been painting professionally for 17 years, and has been in numerous individual and group shows around the country. Holland’s paintings have been seen on episodes of Bizarre Foodswith Andrew Zimmern and The WB’s Lying Games. Jill has sold thousands of paintings that reside in private and corporate collections both nationally and internationally.

Jill is also known as “Mamma Africa” to her 420 children in Uganda. Jill has a non-profit organization called Atlas & Arrow. Atlas & Arrow is a 501(c)3 philanthropic organization that raises money to fund life giving efforts to those in the greatest need around the world. They aim to have a global impact (Atlas) with a specific intention (Arrow) of providing food, water, shelter and education to the poor, needy, orphans and widows.

“I am a dreamer and a doer. I am constantly challenging myself to believe that anything is possible with God, that He is anxious to give us the desires of our hearts. I want to live a life that screams from the mountaintops a story of the goodness of God.”




(bio photos by Erica Joy Photography)



Echo Valley Waterfront.



The Wanted Campference is all about nurturing a weary soul, refreshing a thristy spirit and connecting with others in a way that only like “going to camp” can do. The Wanted Campference is set in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the headwaters of the Frio River at the H.E.Butt Foundation Camp.

Basically, it’s camp for grownups.  You will hear wonderful speakers, eat incredible food, go to fun activities, connect with other women, attend a handmade market and just find a place to rest getting your needs met however that works best for you.

The Wanted Campference women’s retreat was born out of a love for going to summer camp and the need to know we are all “wanted by God.”

Are you coming to camp this year?

See you on October 3-6, 2019!

Registration is open!!!!!


Check back often as we update the site with more information!

Helping Hands Step Savers Fund is a donate button or the volunteer women who come from Christian Women’s Job Corp all across Texas.

Camp appreciates you considering, so that others can come to camp?

Click on this link below.


Handmade Market Fair

You are welcome to set up a booth for the HMF with items that are handcrafted by you, written by you, or recorded by you.

Please contact Barbara for more details or questions.





This video filmed for 2015.  It gives a wonderful description of camp.

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To know more about the campgrounds at the Echo Valley camp click here


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