Spring 2021 Wanted Campference

April 22-25, 2021

Port Royal Resort

Port Aransas, Texas


The Wanted Campference is all about nurturing a weary soul, refreshing a thirsty spirit and connecting with others in a way that only like “going to camp”.
      Basically, it’s camp for grownups.  You will hear wonderful speakers, eat incredible food, go to fun activities, connect with other women, attend a handmade market and just find a place to rest getting your needs met however that works best for you.
    The Wanted Campference women’s retreat was born out of a love for going to summer camp and the need to know we are all “wanted by God.”

Are you coming to camp this year?

Registration is now open for Spring 2021!!!!! Please see our registration page for details!

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For more information or if you have questions please e-mail Barbara at btc1959@mac.com