Daily Schedule Wanted Campference 2018

Thursday Oct. 4
3:00pm Volunteers and leaders may begin to check in
5:00pm Check in begins
6:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Round Up

Ice Breaker:
8:00pm Welcome: Barbara Collins
8:25pm Session 1 Keri Wilt
9:35pm Cabin time
10:30pm Lights out in all cabins (unless all agree to stay up later).

*Please use flashlights after dark and go to Ranch House or somewhere else to chat to respect others. Thanks

Friday Oct. 5
7-8 am Wake up with Kathy Andrews
Dining room will be open for coffee, lite fair
7:00-8:45am Breakfast
9:00am Round Up

Ice Breaker: Kathy Andrews
9:30am Session 1 Marilee Nelson
10:45am Cabin Time
11:45am Prayers/refreshments
12:00 Lunch
1:00pm Small Group Sessions:
2:00pm Rest Hour/Activities/Me Time
2:20pm All Camp Hike to Blue Hole, Snack
3:15 Craft activities begin back porch of Ranch House
5:30pm Tastings by fireside at Ranch House
6:00pm Dinner
7:15pm Round Up

Ice Breaker: Jodi Barr
7:30pm Session 1 Paige Holloway
8:45pm Cabin Time
9:30pm Prayer on Porch of Ranch House
9:45pm Fireside refreshments at Ranch House


10:30pm Lights out in all cabins

Saturday Oct. 6

7:10am Sunrise @ Antenna lite breakfast

7:00am-8:45am Breakfast
9:00am Round Up

Ice Breaker: Holly Wood
9:30am Session Sara Harmayer
10:45am Cabin Time

11:45 Prayers/Refreshments
12:00 Lunch
1:00pm Small Group Sessions
2:00pm Rest Hour/Activities/Me Time
5:00pm Handmade Market open
6:00pm Esther’s Banquet Dinner
7:15pm Round Up and Handmade Market open after

7:40pm Session 1: Chaya Pitcher

Immediately Following Round Up:  Fireside refreshments at Ranch House and more Handmade Market

Sunday Oct.7

7:30: am Full ON Breakfast

9:00 am  Communion Service/ Say So
10:00 am Cabin and camp clean up, say our goodbyes

One person from each cabin must be present to sign off for inspection upon departure.  They will be responsible for any clean up that is left behind.

To Go Snacks will be available at Ranch House.

1pm Departure