Katie Drake


Mom, Singer/Songwriter, Worship Leader, Handmade Marketer, Photographer


Born with a song in her heart, Katie Drake’s earliest performances were for family and friends, and by the time she was nine the California native was leading the music portion of the children’s service at church. Katie started to accompany herself first on piano, and then on guitar.  She also played trombone in her high school band.  Citing a wide range of influences from Lauryn Hill, Celine Dion, Trisha Yearwood, Karen Carpenter, Alison Krause and The Dixie Chicks to No Doubt, Keith Urban, and Shania Twain, Katie has a unique style all her own.

Although many of her favorite singers are also songwriters, Katie didn’t start writing songs until her mid-twenties.  “I didn’t feel like I had enough to say,” she explains.  “I hadn’t experienced significant emotional trauma or heartache, which is what I thought most songwriters wrote from.”

All of that changed after Katie attended her cousin’s wedding and heard a song she had written for her husband.  “I came away wanting to write a song for my own wedding, which resulted in “Bless This Man”.  Katie continued to turn to music to process specific life experiences—“In Your Shoes”, “Meet In The Middle” and “Ready For A Change” all reflected her experience working with horses at her Uncle Pat Parelli’s Natural Horsemanship facility in Colorado, but they were also among the first songs that Katie felt were universal enough for others to identify with.  She has recently recorded a full-length cd entitled Speak Your Heart, co-written with writer/producer/musician Chris Caswell which explores the variations of expansive change, to include the amazing growth of her two young children. As Katie writes in the liner notes…“special thanks to my fans.  Some of you are my dearest friends, and others of you I have never met, but I want you to know that you are largely the reason I do this.  When I get to hear that my music has touched someone else’s heart it blesses me beyond words.” Find out more at:


Holly Wood

Artist and group craft leader, see activity page.


Chaya Pritcher


With a message that touches the heart and a singing voice that inspires, CHAYA tells of the greatness of God’s mercy and grace. She has experienced His love, forgiveness, and healing in a most powerful way, and longs for everyone she comes in contact with to have that same experience. She reaches all ages with her personal story that tells of a wonderfully happy childhood that was shattered when she entered her early teens. She speaks candidly about how she chose the path of bitterness and anger instead of softening her heart. She tells of the road back to wholeness through Jesus Christ, and is living proof that with a life sold out to the Lord, there is hope and triumph in the midst of tremendous heartbreak.

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She is in demand as a speaker/singer for women’s events, conferences, retreats, Christmas Programs, and church services. She has opened for the popular duo, Shane and Shane, and performed in venues with people such as Rebecca St. James, and Fernando Ortega. She has four CD’s out, with the latest album, ‘Mood for love’, produced by Ralph Stover, who has worked with MANY talented musicians!

Chaya’s husband, Rick, is a worship and sports pastor at their church in Chico CA.  They have been married 15 years and have four beautiful children.


Callie Ann Hensley

Artist and Songwriter



  • im so grateful for my family and friends, and all the blessings in my life from the giver of all things good…i believe in mercy.grace.forgiveness.eternal love and faith in things unseen.

    what i love.and life is about for me today is.. good thrift shops.flea markets.(labs doc holiday and dolly
    cowgirl boots. pearl snaps shirts. sun dresses & turquoise.
    fresh flowers. espeically white roses and pink peonies.
    the thrill of a sale…long talks on the phone with my mom. true friends.sunsets and stars. lattes..its really the little things in life folks…


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