Handmade Market Fair

You are welcome to set up a booth for the HMF with items that are handcrafted by you, written by you, or recorded by you.

Please contact Barbara for more details or questions. btc1959@mac.com 

Features coming to the April 2021 Handmade Market Fair:

Chris Tracy will be bringing her book titled “Tapestry”.

Chris Tracy’s book, Tapestry, shows how God wastes nothing, but gets us ready for our calling. Every part of our life is creative material for our destiny. Just like a tapestry, the rough places and smooth, the bright colors contrasted by dark, make the end creation a beautiful work of art.

And God said, “It is very good!” 
Chris Tracy’s book, The Art of Writing,  is an intimate devotional to help creatives know the Lord’s intent regarding their artistry. This little book is aimed at writers but can be a journal for anyone wanting inspiration for their own creativity.

Kathy Borth will be bringing some of her paintings. Here are a few samples:

Kathleen Maxwell-Rambie will be bringing her book titled “Thriving Through Seasons of Grief”.

Grief has been one of my best teachers. No one signs up for this process that will touch all of us, at some time in our life.

As you read this book, my heart is for you to walk away with tools in your tool belt of life. This book is for those that have had any kind of loss in their life or have friends, coworkers, or family that have had losses. You’ll learn what grief is, how it affects us, challenges of grief, benefits of grief, how to partner with the process, help those grieving, and secrets of building a new life. Hopefully, you will see the good in grief and reading this will unravel any lies you have believed about the process.

It will teach you how to overcome in times of disappointment, change and loss. It is also for those that have lost someone they love as well as for friends and family of someone grieving.

After the death of my late husband of 30 years, I knew I was not exempt from the process, and yet, if I had to go through it, I did not want to waste the pain. I quickly discovered that many people did not know much about the grief process or talk about it. I share in a transparent and down to earth way, that is easy for those who find themselves in the ashes of life or grief.

My prayer is that another layer of healing and understanding will come to your heart, and you will learn how to thrive in seasons of grief and disappointment.

To find out more information please visit Kathleen’s website. To watch a short video trailer click here.

Barbara Collins will be bringing some Hattie Bags.

To find out more information please visit the Hattie Bags website.

Barbara Collins will also be bringing some Love, God Photos.





Katie Drake will be bringing some of her handmade earrings and other handmade items.

Below are some images from past Handmade Markets.

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