Welcome to the Registration Page! We are excited about the Spring 2021 Wanted Campference!

Registration Information:

Camp registration is $100. To register you must fill out the form below and pay $100 via Venmo or PayPal. The $100 registration fee will cover lunch, dinner, and activities throughout the Campference. Breakfast will be on your own each day. If you check any of the extra boxes the amount needs to be added to your total bill. An example would be if you want a chair for two days ($4) and the shrimp cocktail ($10) you would need to pay $114 (100+10+4=114). If you would like to sponsor another camper feel free to add the amount you would like to donate to your registration payment.

Please fill out the form below and check any boxes that apply.

Click here for registration payment via PayPal.

Click here for registration payment via Venmo.

To pay by check please send Barbara an e-mail at btc1959@mac.com.

Lodging Information:

This year Wanted Campference is taking place at Port Royal Resort located in Port Aransas Texas! For lodging accommodations please contact Port Royal’s Registration Department via e-mail at reservations@portroyal.com or by calling (361) 749-5011. When you first call please let staff know you are a member of the “Wanted Campference” and have a list of everyone who is staying in your condo. Please insure that each person staying in your condo has filled out the form and paid via PayPal or Venmo.